lavender hair!

So after drooling over lavender/pastel colored hair for a while, I finally decided to do it!  I’ve had every hair color of the rainbow since I was 12 years old! This was a crazy process and don’t recommend it to anyone unless they wanna ruin their hair!!! SO BEWARE!!  Prior to my lavender was a dark plum on top with purple ombre on my ends. Before that, my hair was bright red…. so imagine the awesome color combinations that came out (NOT!) I took pictures of this process (took 4 days, including wait time). Here are pics….

before all the madness!!!

and then this! all the dark was removed, and left leftover pigments from the purple.

and now i look like the “lorax” character

and so the bleaching continues….
this is after i bleached it 5 times! so ridic!

(sorry, covering my face cause I’m not wearing makeup! lol)

and now here’s the lavender/purple. yay!

and now everyones calling me “my little pony”, “unicorn” or a “Japanese anime character.” ohhhh dear.  hope you like it! what shall i do next?!

<3, KatPark

6 thoughts on “lavender hair!

  1. Hi Kat, first of all, I love the lavender colored hair on you. Secondly, how do you keep your hair so healthy after coloring and bleaching it so many times? Thanks.

    • Hi Lexie! Thank you! I’ve been putting less heat to my hair, letting it air dry more frequently and been using hair masks to keep it conditioned.
      I have had a lot of breakage but i expected it after bleaching my hair so many times. Just make sure to also use a sulfate-free shampoo and leave in conditioners and/or oils. <3 Kat

  2. Hi, want to make my hair in some mermaid color, pastel pink ombré, or blue, or turquoise. Im asian with black hair, i have seen this and oh, amazing. Your hair looks so healthy after this drastic process! Do you have any tip for me, that would help me please? I never dyed my hair!

    • Hi Niril, Since you have virgin hair, it will be a matter of a bleaching process. I would definitely consider going to a salon to get this done. If you go through your first session of bleach, your hair will likely turn a yellow/orangey color, which needs to be toned and rebeleached again until desired level of lightness. In order to acheive a “pastel” tone, your hair needs to lighten to a platinum blonde tone. Much of my hair did fall out because of this process!!! We call it a “chemical haircut!” haha. I would recommend using a hair mask to help with the damaged hair. Also, don’t wash your hair everyday and use less heat. Air dry your hair as much as you can. Good luck! <3333 Kat

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